Goal Setting For Fat Burning and Muscle Building – Part 3

Our hero is now set to achieve his goals. He now needs to configure his action plan. He has decided that he wants to reduce his waist from 39.5 inches to 36 inches. He wants to increase inches on his arms, his thighs and trim a bit off his hips and bring his fat level from 30 percent to 22. He figures that he has six months (actually about 170 days) to do the best job he can at getting fit for his high school reunion.

He wants to stay fit for his kids and his strong desire to avoid type-2diabetes is going to keep him motivated. He caps it off with the desire to improve his marriage. The study that shows how many inches of his manhood is lost to obesity finally drives home the point of a fat loss and fitness alternative.

He does his research and figures out that he can begin training for 30 minutes a day in the morning and not miss a beat. He is an early riser and figures that his workout can be done before his wife and kids are up and long before breakfast. testolone

Because he has been sedentary for years, he plans on taking three of his six months to gain strength and lose fat before getting into weight training. His plan involves progressive strength training with body weight exercises. He has chosen the jump rope as his primary tool for cardiovascular fitness, the chin up bar for upper body strength training and a staggered schedule for his exercise regimen.

His proposed schedule:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday for upper body work outs.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for lower body and abs.

Practically speaking, his workouts are more likely called full body workouts due to the nature of the exercises because they are mostly compound exercises that work multiple muscles involving large groups and small muscle groups when done properly.

The plan is to monitor inches and fat loss, with pounds as an after thought. Our guy is focused on judging his milestones on how many inches he has lost or gained and fat loss from his body. It is far better to measure fat loss and muscle gain in a training program because these are the more accurate measure of health.

He wants his stored fat to go and preserve his muscle mass so he calculates a two pound loss a week. His fat monitor readings will fluctuate throughout the week so he’ll measure once a week to take an average for the month

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