Article Writing Services: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Article writing services have inundated the web in recent years thanks to layers of online filters and anonymity that can make it difficult to distinguish between a professional and a fake. Even amateur writers can masquerade behind a computer screen as an article writing service, a press release service, copywriter or whatever they’d like to sell themselves as. The following are 6 pitfalls and ways to avoid them when considering an article writing services company.

1.) Non-English Speakers

If you think the quote you’re getting from an article writing service sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In fact, the cheaper the cost of the writing, the more likely it is that the authors are non-native English speakers. They can offer extremely low pricing because either:

a.) They use a software program to create the article custom case study writing service

b.) They severely over-estimate their grasp of the English language

How do you tell? READ. In most cases where people hire an article writing service and are unsatisfied with the transaction, it is largely because they failed to read the content offered by the service. This includes the content on the company’s website, their communications with you, testimonials and work examples. Recognizing non-native English writers is easy because it shows in their writing. They use unnatural grammar, are too stiff or formal, and confuse singular and plural, past, present and future, etc. Taking the time to read the content will invariably reveal a non-native English writer.

2.) Consultants

Consultants can be useful for a number of business purposes, but when it comes to mediating between an article writing service and a client, they’re usually nothing more than a middle man. Your writer or editor should respond directly to you – otherwise a great deal of time, effort and resources will be squandered. Consultants can get in the way of the creative process and create lags in the editing process that can double or even triple the production time for a single piece of work. However, some consultants will hide the fact that they do not do the actual writing themselves.

How do you tell? ASK. By directly querying a consultant, you will be able to determine exactly what his or her skills are. Ask where they trained in English, writing, journalism or literature, etc. Ask if you can have access to outlines early on. Ask what their editing practices are. In most cases a consultant won’t be able to answer any of these questions and will usually reveal that they have a writer “on staff.” If the consultant will be interfering with the writing process between you and the person who is actually doing the writing, it’s time to walk away.

3.) Flaky Freelancers

Some writers are notorious flakes. One of the biggest risks of hiring a freelance writer is the abandonment of an incomplete project. Other problems include editing resistance, lack of or significantly delayed communications and lack of professionalism.

How do you tell the flakes from the pros? The same way you’d investigate any other business or product: check reviews, read testimonials, review Better Business Bureau reports, contact references and check their feedback ratings and comments if the work is contracted on a site like Odesk, Guru or Elance. To be sure your writer won’t flake out, put your project agreement in writing and obtain a physical signatur

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